Please find below recognised courses that were available face-to-face but would now be available online if commissioned or if there is enough interest to run a group.  Workshops or drop-in sessions are also offered and courses may be commissioned for individuals or groups.  Please let me know if you are from a charity, CIC or community group as funding may be available.  Do contact me to discuss your needs.

MBCT (Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy) course       

The 8-week MBCT course is designed for those looking to manage depression, low mood, anxiety or stress.  It is approved by NICE to help prevent relaapse of episodic depression. Please read the course information for details.

Mindfulness for Nurturing Parents course

Please see details on the Parents page.

Mindfulness course 

This course is for those looking to enhance their own well-being or manage stress and is based on the Finding Peace in a Frantic World book by Mark Williams and Danny Penman. The meditation practices are shorter and designed to fit with a busy lifestyle.

.b Foundations

Please see details on the Schools page.





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