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One-to-one sessions can be helpful if you would like to do a course privately and there might be many reasons for this: perhaps you prefer not to be in a group setting, to address specific challenges or maybe for purely logistical reasons.

The following courses are offered:

The course costs are a full price but some funding may be available so please let me know if this would be applicable for you.   A free introductory session is offered as an opportunity to meet online and ensure it is the right course for you and that you can commit to the entire length of the training and the home practice.

Sessions are held online  via Zoom video conferencing software and you will be supported in using the software if you are new to it.  Workbooks for courses are sent electronically ahead of time.


​I am very happy to talk with you so please do get in touch

Photo: Curiosity - what can you make out in the  bubble? What does it represent for you, if anything? How does it make you feel, if anything? Anything else?

one to one mindfulness training everydayspace lewes

"I enjoyed all aspects of the course. Firstly, the teaching from Teresa which was both interesting and ‘comfortable’ – in that I always felt happy to talk openly about things as and when they came up through the lessons.  It was really good to be offered different types of meditations so that there was something for all situations and opportunities within a busy lifestyle."

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