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Please find below poems and quotes from drop-in sessions:

"Love After Love" Derek Walcott

"Wild Geese" Mary Oliver reading her poem

"The Moment" by Marie Howe

"The Buddha's Last Instruction" by Mary Oliver

"Winter Afternoon, Early December" by Tom Montag

"Two Kinds of Intelligence" by Rumi

serenity is not.jpg

Mary Oliver's "Goldfinches" (Cherry blossom, May 2021)

Cherry blossom.jpg

Walking recently on the South Downs, I turned around and there was a 'bright field', lit up by a pool of sun: "The Bright Field" by R.S.Thomas

within you....png
Dawn after practice.jpg

Your task is not to seek for love

but merely to seek and find all

the barriers within yourself that

you have built against it.



"Change" by Rachel Holstead - you may need to scroll through to find it...

(blackthorn blossom March 2021)

blackthorn blossom.jpg
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