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Free Practices & Resources

​​Please see below practices that are being offered to support well-being in this time:

Online practices:

I work for The Mindfulness Network who offer  online practices and donation events including Friday mornings 8.15 - 8.45am

Free sessions from the Oxford Mindfulness Foundation(OMF)

Practice sessions from local, Sussex-based teachers:

Ed Halliwell  Mindfulness Sussex

Annie Akasati & Carolyn Drake  Love Mindfulness

Nicola Mouat, Simply Mindfulness

Recorded practices: including links to Bangor University audio practices

Oxford Mindfulness Foundation 

Recordings of my short guided practices can be found here:

May your practice sustain you. Barcombe Village Hall, retreat space. 

Barcombe Village Hall everydayspace retreat

"Barcombe village hall was the perfect setting as it is so serene and has an amazing outlook over the countryside. we were also able to do some of the practice outside."

Barceombe Village Hall everydayspace retreat
Barcombe Village Hall everydayspace retreat
Barcombe Village Hall, everydayspace retreat
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