Finding Peace in a Frantic World

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FREE intro session:  Thursday 14 January 8.15 - 9.15pm

Course dates: Fridays 4th February - 25th March 8.15 - 9.30pm

FREE introductory session:  Friday 15 January 9.45 - 10.45am

Course dates: Fridays 5th February - 26th March 9.45 - 11am

Length of course: 8-weeks

Session length: 1 hour 15 minutes

Format: Online using Zoom.  A link will be emailed out prior to the course. 

Who is it for? Anyone - you might come to it if you are suffering from anxiety or depression, or feel stressed or exhausted.  We might be feeling any or a combination of these at present, heightened by the pandemic too, so it can be a way of resourcing ourselves at this time. 

No experience of mindfulness is needed and you are also welcome to attend if you have an ongoing practice - we never stop learning :). 

Course intentions:  to learn practical mindfulness skills for everyday life in order to work with and reduce anxiety and stress; to promote well-being and enjoyment; for you to sustain these practices once the course has finished.

Photo: walking the dogs, Archie & Bert. Photo courtesy of Louis Bird, Brighton

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"(I learnt) how to be more 'present' and appreciate things in life more. How to cope with stressful situations."

What is involved? ​Each week has a different theme, for example looking at how busyness or stress impacts us, or how to promote enjoyment in our lives. We practice guided meditations and mindful activities to explore the themes, which is done in pairs/small groups and the whole group.


It is a very safe space: any input in discussions is invitational and these centre around feedback on the practices rather than talking about home situations. You only share what you feel comfortable with.

Home practice:  this is highly encouraged and you will be supported with handouts and access to audio guided meditations for each week.  This is so you can try out the practices and see how they might benefit you in your own life.  Research suggests that the more practice you do, the more beneficial it will be for you not only in terms of minimising the stress response in the body but sustaining the practices beyond the course. 

Course background: The course is based on the best-selling book Finding Peace in a Frantic World by Mark Williams and Danny Penman.  This course has been devised at the Oxford University Mindfulness Cenre and the teacher-training is led by Chris Cullen.  


Cost (includes free intro session, some handouts, support during the course). I am currently offering courses at half-price: 

Full rate (waged): £100

You will need to buy the Finding Peace in a Frantic World book, or e-book, before the course starts, as it will be the core reading during the 8-weeks and it really is a good read!  You can buy the book here (please support independent, ethical or second hand book-shops if you can:,,

Please let me know if cost will be a barrier to you attending, as I endeavour to offer subsidised places and payment plans to enable accessibility to courses.  Thank you. 

Next steps: Please contact me for more information or to book your place.