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8-week MBCT courses

Feedback from participants on 8-week Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy courses:

From staff at Blind Veterans UK attending 8-week courses and regular drop-in sessions:


"I feel a noticeable reduction in stress levels both in and out of work: I also employ some of the mindfulness techniques used in the sessions in other parts of my day."


"I am not sure how I would have always managed in my complex job without some outlet. Teresa’s Mindfulness training (fitted in during a lunch hour initially) provided a means of becoming more grounded and less disturbed by the pressures and demands in a very busy role. Leaving the workday outside the room while meditating has proved helpful in many ways." 

"Thank you, it was fascinating and beautifully led."

"Thanks again – it was a kind, supportive and non-judgemental space and I learnt a lot."

"I completed my aims and gained a whole lot more; in particular I have begun the process of integrating Mindfulness into my life and work. I enjoyed being a part of a supportive and inquiring group. Really enjoyed the course, especially the lovely gentle and accepting facilitation of it by Teresa."

"I enjoyed all aspects of the course. Firstly, the teaching from Teresa which was both interesting and ‘comfortable’ – in that I always felt happy to talk openly about things as and when they came up through the lessons.  It was really good to be offered different types of meditations so that there was something for all situations and opportunities within a busy lifestyle."

"I have found that coming on the course has been a very useful refresher to mindfulness. I am increasingly aware of my thoughts and am starting to make different choices leading on from my awareness."

"I have achieved the main reason why I joined the course, something I’ve been trying to achieve for the last three years." 




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