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"I loved it!  Great teacher! (I learnt) the value of still moments as moments for yourself."

"I learnt) the importance of finding time for yourself during the day and to view your thoughts objectively."

"Relaxed and safe environment."

"The course and tutor were great.  Brought together people from different areas really well.  Plenty of time given to group activities.  Felt well looked after and felt that the tutor was very supportive of me.  A really enjoyable course that I would highly recommend."

"The facilitation was relaxed and comforting and ensured that the environment was somewhere one “wanted” to come.  The bond between the people there ... was really open and kind and this was further developed by Teresa." 

"The sessions in college were great with a good variety of activities."

"Tutor was excellent.  Enjoyed the way each session was organised with time to discuss with others. Certainly the practice made me think about how I respond to situations. I have learnt how other people on the course feel the same way in stressful life situations and enjoyed listening to others view.  To respond to others in a calmer way.  To feel happier by responding to stressful situations."

.b Foundations Course, Mindfulness in Schools Project

Testimonials from .b Foundations courses taught to staff from the following educational establishments: Sussex Downs College, Eastbourne Academy, Seaford Head School, Seaford Primary School, Willingdon Community School, East Hoathly Primary School.

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