A Warm Welcome to you

Mindfulness practices can offer offer us well-being at this time and my hope is that you will find something here that offers this for you in some way.  Please get in touch if you would like to discuss any of the programmes or find out more about the practices.


There are no new group courses now until the autumn, dates TBC, but one-to-ones are offered over the summer so please email if you would like to discuss further, thank you. 

Funded Courses

If you live in Sussex, fully funded courses are available through the Adult Community Learning department at East Sussex College,  for whom I run courses throughout the year.  Please follow the link for further information and contact details - all bookings are done through the college. Thank you.

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"I completed my aims and gained a whole lot more; in particular I have begun the process of integrating Mindfulness into my life and work. I enjoyed being a part of a supportive and inquiring group. Really enjoyed the course, especially the lovely gentle and accepting facilitation of it by Teresa."

What is Mindfulness?​​

Mindfulness is a way of being in the present moment, bringing a compassionate awareness to how you actually are at

any given time.  This gives you an opportunity to be open to experiences, to notice how you relate to them and gives you a choice in how you respond.  This can promote well-being and give you space in which to connect with and 'be with' what is here, in a kind and friendly way. 

If you are having thoughts or feelings related to stress, anxiety, chronic pain or low mood, mindfulness practice can enable you to start seeing these in a different light, cultivating curiosity, openness and kindness.  The intention from the courses is for you to learn mindfulness practices in order for them to become part of everyday life to sustain well-being.

If you are new to meditation and would like to attend the drop-ins, you are very welcome and it is important to say, and especially through this time we are living in, that sometimes when we connect with what is here for us there can be a sense of overwhelm.  In mindfulness practice everything is invitational, even following the guidance and it is very important to speak with me or those in your support network if the practices feel too much at this time. My intention is to create a safe, supportive environment and more guidance will be given in the sessions.

May you be safe and well.