I run online and face-to-face courses with the intention of creating a supportive, gentle and kind space in which to practice mindfulness which includes guided meditations, mindful movement and other exercises and discussions.

I am on on the TTP (Teacher Training Pathway) at the Centre for Mindfulness Research & Practice (CMRP), Bangor University and have been running courses for ten years. 


I am passionate about enabling people to bring mindfulness into their everyday lives and promoting well-being in the wider community. I have been successful in enabling courses to be offered for those who may otherwise not have had access to mindfulness-based practices due to locality, lack of funds or accessibility. 

Having done the MBCT (mindfulness-based cognitive therapy) course for myself to help with low mood in 2007, I have personal experience of how the practice can support well-being and the importance of kindness that underlies it.

I follow the CMRP good practice guidelines e.g. I have regular supervision by one of the core trainers at CMRP, attend annual retreats and masterclasses in order to deepen my own mindfulness practice.  This practice is a continually evolving process of reflection and understanding which in turn informs my teaching role.

I also work as Operational Coordinator for The Mindfulness Network.